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Blue Cascade Ceramic Solar Fountain *SHIPS ONLY IN US*

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Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Blue Cascade Solar Fountain in your yard or patio.

Water tumbles from one blue-glazed ceramic vessel to the next and then recycles back to the top via a hidden solar-powered pump. The solar panel can be placed up to 10 feet from the water fountain and moved to capture maximum power from the sun's rays.

Special Note: Solar bird baths and fountains require plenty of direct sunlight to operate properly. Please be sure to have a sunny spot to place your bath or fountain. Also, the pump must never be operated dry (out of water). Dry operation permanently damages the pump.


  1. Bowls and pitcher made from ceramic
  2. Solar powered for outdoor use
  3. Weather-resistant metal frame
  4. No electricity required for eco-friendly power
  5. No plumbing - water recirculates itself
  1. A 10-foot cord attaches to the solar panel, making it easy to position almost anywhere.
  2. This fountain has a one-gallon water capacity
  3. The bottom bowl is approximately 5.5 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. 


  1. It is recommended to use distilled or rain water to prevent scale build up.
  2. If, after a period of time, the pump start to lose power or stops working check for build-up of sediment, scale or dirt in the filter housing and in the bottom of the pump housing.
  3. Open the filter housing and clean the filter. Remove the pump cover and clean the filter. Remove the pump cover at it's base, take out the impeller and remove any sediment, scale or dirt that has built up.
  4. Re-fit the impeller, pump cover and filter housing. The solar panel should be cleaned periodically with a soft tissue and proprietary glass cleaning solution.

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